Romantic Flowers — Mum

Romantic Flowers — Mum


Plan B prod

Рабочая группа

Produced by

Director - Yernur Bashpay
Producer - Magzhanov Adi
DP - Nur Islam
Edit - Zhakypbayev Nurlan


Shoot a video for the flower shop «Romantic» on the eve of March 8 — International Women's Day.

There are many flower shops in Kazakhstan. It's hard to stand out without making a strong impression. Therefore, we have chosen an emotional theme that resonates in every person around the world.

Mom is an important person in everyone's life. This is the only person who loves you unconditionally, always thinks about you and is always ready to help and support.

Sometimes we forget about the dearest person in our life, plunging into our affairs and personal relationships. Although one call or flower delivery takes a couple of minutes of our time.

We decided to beautifully remind the audience about the meaning of the word "mom" — the very first and most frequent word in our lives. So that after watching the video, people let their mothers know about their importance and confess their feelings. After all, moms don't need that much.

The video produced a positive response from the audience. The idea resonated in every viewer and the task was successfully completed.