Рабочая группа

Author & art director: Lazizbek Hamidov
Producers: Abror Ismoilov & Humoyun Aminov
Screenwriter: Muhabbat Mamirova
Coordinator: Abdulaziz Abbazov
Operator and editor: Akmal To'xtayev
Graphic designers: Diyor Rasulov, Mirshod Ibrohimov, Bekzod Shermatov, Abdurahmon Isoqov
Motion designers: Shohrux Saparboyev, Bexruz Otamurodov, Mustafo Muhammadov, Javohir O'ktamov
Illustrator: Mohina Raimova
Voiceover: Islom Qoraboyev



According to research, in the next 20 years, the demand for water in Uzbekistan will increase significantly and the available water resources will decrease sharply, which will increase the current water shortage by up to five times. It is no secret that not only Uzbekistan but also Central Asia's water and related problems are gaining regional and global importance.

It is well known that this predicament, caused by over-irrigation, exploitation, inefficient water management practices, and the effects of climate change, has several tragic consequences. We tried to show this tragedy through this documentary.


For several days, the filming team visited the most water-scarce areas of the republic and interviewed the residents. They studied the extent of water-related problems. All this is so that the audience watching the documentary can understand the problem of water shortage in remote areas of Uzbekistan, imagine it, and start fighting against it.


This documentary has gained popularity among internet users since it was posted on the networks. To date, the documentary has been viewed around 100,000 times on the YouTube platform, and it was also shown on television on request.

Many social bloggers published reviews about the documentary film on their pages, articles were published in the mass media. We think that when the time comes when the water problem is solved in the region if our team has a small contribution to it, this is our goal.

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