ALTA Plast

Рабочая группа

Client: ALTA Plast
Head of Marketing Department – Adelina Sultanova
Marketing Manager – Dilshod Sodiqov
Head of Sale Department – Abulkosim Akhmedov
SEO – Doniyor Ilkhamdjanov

Production: Lunar
Director – Bogdan Frolov
DoP – Kamal Yusupov
Line Producer – Aselya Idoyatova

Creative Director/Art Director – Vitaliy Khalz
Digital Director/Senior Copywriter – Anna Mushtaeva
Designer – Natalya Odilova
Copywriter – Akmal Fayziev
Copywriter – Alisa Granova
Copywriter – Maksim Novitskiy



ALTA Plast is a small brand producing PVC window profiles, which entered the highly competitive Uzbek market when there were already 3 leaders with a history of dozens of years (founded between 1994 and 2007) and unattainable media budgets that cover all communication channels, including the most expensive — TV. Meanwhile ALTA can afford only more budgetary placement platforms — Digital and a small amount of Outdoor advertising.

Task / Problem:

ALTA Plast brand applied to the Agency with a request to increase brand awareness based on a very limited budget. The task was to prepare a text press release with photos of PVC window profile and place it in several national media outlets and regional Telegram publics.


Instead, the agency convinced the client not to waste the budget on passable material that would be ineffective and to demonstrate the quality of the profile "in deed" — to arrange several crash tests with low-budget production and to engage the audience by asking ALTA subscribers how exactly they would like to test the windows for durability.

The outcome of publishing 4 videos was so impressive that the agency proposed to increase the scale of the PR campaign, while staying within the declared budget. This is how the idea of the longest commercial in Uzbekistan was born — it was a 24-hour live crash test of PVC window profile.
We posted the trailer of this promotion in the media, as well as in the capital and regional Telegram publics.


6.9 million views of 4 videos on Instagram.
The trailer of 24-hour crash test reached more than 1.1 million people.
3,500 views of live broadcast on YouTube.
1,300 new YouTube subscribers.
7 people got to the final link.
1 winner of the prize — 2 million Som (around $166).

There are 626 requests to send a price-list through the brand’s social media. Phone calls to the call center and regional representatives are impossible to count.

Campaign cost: $2,000 for implementation and $2,000 for placement, which is at least 10 times less than competitors' prize fund alone for similar promotions.