Immersive exhibition

Immersive exhibition


3D Mapping

Рабочая группа

Art director: Lazizbek Hamidov
Graphic designer: Doston Daminov, Diyor Rasulov
Illustrator: Mohina Raimova
Motion designers: Shohrux Saparboyev, Bexruz Otamurodov, Ismoilxon Xusniddinov, Mustafo Muhammadov
Project manager: Abdulaziz Abbazov

Organizers & partners: 3D Mapping & Teplo Market



Any form of violence against people based on their gender, gender-based violence exists as a persistent problem that affects millions of people around the world.

According to the WHO, every third woman in the world experiences physical or sexual violence by her partner or by a stranger during her lifetime.

The pandemic has led to a global spike in domestic violence. Its scope has expanded to such an extent that UN-Women has called it a "hidden pandemic."

In Uzbekistan, gender-based violence pervades both social and family contexts, reflecting deeper systemic issues that prevent the development of a truly just and prosperous nation. Despite progress in various fields, the shadow of gender-based violence continues to wreak havoc on lives, aspirations, and the collective fabric of society.

Solutions and suggestions

Recognizing the scale of this challenge, we decided to team up with 3D Mapping and Teplo Market to create an immersive exhibition—a fusion of art, technology, and empathy—designed to raise awareness of the urgent need for change.

During this exhibition, the works of not only our team but also other authors in this direction were used and displayed. It combines visual art, interactive storytelling, personal perspectives, and multimedia to draw visitors into the seriousness of the problem. By uniting against violence, we will shape a future defined by respect, equality, and compassion.

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