Agrobank ATB

Рабочая группа

Creative direction: Laziz Hamidov
Art direction: Mirshod Ibrohim
Account direction: Abdulaziz Abbazov
Design: Diyor Rasulov, Abdurahmon Isoqov, Daminov Doston, Bekzod Shermatov, Davron Ergashev
3D: Javohir Ismoilov, Ismoilkhon Khusniddinov
Motion: Bexruz Otamurodov, Shohrux Saparboyev, Sardor Burkhonov, Javohir O'ktamov
Illustrator: Mohina Raimova

Agrobank (client)
Head of marketing: Maqsud Rustamov
Account manager: Ziyoda Gaznaboyeva



The level of financial knowledge of the population in Uzbekistan is quite low. There are several reasons for this. One side of the problem is distrust of financial services and intermediaries due to people's religious views, and on the other hand, the reputation of financial organizations in recent history also affects this.

This is the reason why financial operations and services are not popular among the population.

Because of this, there is a big gap in the banking and finance, payments sector. To fill this gap, both commercial banks and the Central Bank of the country are launching projects aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy of the population.


Considering this situation in the country, we thought it would be right to educate the population on financial issues in an interactive way.

We have launched a project called "Pulli Gap" in order to keep people informed about issues that have not been fully addressed in the daily life of the population in areas such as finance and economy, through animated and question-and-answer videos, social networks, and various quizzes.

The project was financed by Agrobank.

Mission & results

With the help of the project, residents can easily understand the most important concepts in the field of finance and learn the knowledge they need!

In addition, through the pages of the project on social networks, we will write about economic news and changes in the country, we will consult with consultants working in the banking sector, and we will comment on the economic changes in the legislation.

As a part of the project, interactive quizzes will be organized on the busy streets of the city. Through these and other similar initiatives, we can contribute to increasing the financial literacy of the population.

Project branding

The logo of the financial project "Pulli Gap" is a symbol that perfectly reflects the world of finance and economy. It depicts a coin and a wallet, the wallet in an elegant blue and the coin in bright yellow. The wallet represents security, and the importance of proper financial management, and the coin represents the economy, reflecting the important role money plays in the development of society.

The logo represents the project's goal of helping people navigate the complexities of finance and the economy, helping them make confident financial decisions.


In the next 6 months, it is planned to increase the number of subscribers of the project on all social networks from a total of 100,000 people, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube platforms, Telegram messengers are among them.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to conduct prize surveys among the population, publish video sequences aimed at constantly increasing financial literacy, and publish news and analytical materials.

In addition, we plan to develop video content that encourages people to use financial services correctly, not harm the environment, and adhere to social and economic norms.