Рабочая группа

Author & art director: Lazizbek Hamidov
Producers: Abror Ismoilov & Humoyun Aminov
Screenwriter: Muhabbat Mamirova
Coordinator: Abdulaziz Abbazov
Operator and editor: Akmal To'xtayev
Graphic designers: Diyor Rasulov, Mirshod Ibrohimov, Bekzod Shermatov, Abdurahmon Isoqov
Motion designers: Shohrux Saparboyev, Bexruz Otamurodov, Mustafo Muhammadov, Ismoilxon Xusniddinov
Illustrator: Mohina Raimova
Voiceover: Islom Qoraboyev



October 4 is the date of the massacre of Turkestan national liberation movement activists. On this day in 1938, Abdurauf Fitrat, Abdulhamid Cholpon, Abdulla Qadiri and more than a hundred other Uzbek intellectuals whose activities remain largely unknown to the public were shot in Tashkent, the capital of their homeland, according to a document that the leader of the communist regime, Stalin, had not yet approved.

Jadids who decided to liberate Turkestan from invasion, backwardness, and oppression, and had no doubts that this could be achieved not by armed uprising, but by education and quality of education, were branded "enemies of the people". The day after they were sentenced to death.

However, how bloody and painful this day was, who we lost during this period, and how this execution affected the development of the nation, have not been told or explained to the public.


We started preparing for the filming of this documentary more than 1 year before its announcement date. During the interviews with Naim Karimov, historian and literary critic, who studied the history of Jadids from closed and secret archives, we discovered a history that was new to us. As a result of numerous conversations and meetings with a number of archaeologists working in universities of literature and the history of Uzbekistan, we managed to collect enough information for the documentary film.

After studying the most important event, the execution on October 4, and all the events that took place on that day, our team spent several weeks recreating one of the most climactic parts of this documentary, the shooting scene, using computer graphics.


To date, the documentary has been viewed more than 80,000 times on YouTube. It was also shown on UzMTRK TV channels based on the television request. On the YouTube platform itself, the video has collected more than 1 million impressions. In addition, the publication of the documentary created several days of trends among Twitter users.