Kazakh songs of love

Kazakh songs of love


Ferrero Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Ferrero Kazakhstan


Anastassiya Reshetnikova – Category Director, Premium chocolate, CIS
Tamara Beglaryan – Senior Brand Manager, Pralines, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus
Olga Chernova – Junior Brand Manager, Pralines, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus

Agency: Crea Y&R
Zauresh Sydykhanova – Director
Zhanna Burakanova – Creative Director
Semen Dmitriyev – Strategist
Akmaral Ungarova – Creative Group Head
Viktoriya Belyaeva – Junior Art Director
Yuriy Figurskiy – Senior Copywriter
Kristina Bekirova – Senior Account Manager

Partner & Production:
Musan Group


Raffaello is a classic brand dedicated to romance and love. Because of its long and consistent communication, it has become the standard for a romantic gift. Young people take it as a given without the bright spice of romantic feelings and something special.

Young people nowadays use fast electronic communications. There is not much real sensuality and romance in this type of socialization. Dating apps, chat, tik-toks and Instagram stories are the «fast-food» of romance.

Also, because of changing demographics and social processes, it is becoming more and more popular to return to national roots and native Kazakh language.

Raffaello is an international brand that would like to get closer to the local Kazakh youth and popularized beautiful declarations of love in their native Kazakh language. Therefore, Raffaello launched a new packaging design with romantic words on the market, including in the Kazakh words, and we would like to support this launch with romantic and memorable communication.

The most beautiful, romantic and vivid poetry about love in the Kazakh language is the Abay poetry. The great singer\songwriter of the 19th century is inscribed in the genetic code of the nation and is its inalienable heritage. However, few people read the classics and even fewer use it in everyday life. To attract the attention of the youth, we decided to take Abay's legacy - his "Words of Love" and the most popular youth band at the moment, NintyOne, a Q-Pop boys band singing about romance exclusively in Kazakh and combine them in a bright collaboration. The band recorded a mini-album with lyrics and music of Abay "Makhabbat sөzі" - "Words of Love" from the three most popular works of the author.
We released 3 videos with strong product placement in rotation of Gakku TV channel, the songs were rotated on Love Radio and released on all available streaming platforms.

- Interview with musicians became the #1 program among all radio programs
- The songs have been listened to over 3.5 million times on radio airplay and continue to stay in rotation on radio.
- The album has been released on all available streaming platforms and is actively listened to around the world.
- The campaign is over, but we made a significant contribution to the local culture: people listen to the songs and watch the videos, record covers and videos to the songs created by Raffaello NintyOne and Abay, building brand awareness and strengthening the local positioning of the brand.