Together open up opportunities

Together open up opportunities


Demir Bank

Рабочая группа

Copywriter: Nursultan Bakyt @iamnursultan
Director: Manas Khaldarov @meanwhilemanas
DOP: Bekzat Turatbek uulu @bekza.t
Focus Puller: Daniyar Ernazarov @marchmontana
Production Designer: Nurzat Kydyrmyshev @kydyrmywevnurzat
Line Producer: Azim Beishembaev @zimskii_
Casting Manager: Diar Abirov @joomleh
Stуlist: Kanykey Kydyrmaeva @kanmull
Makeup Artist: Aykanysh Rayimbekova @aykanysh_


For the 25th anniversary of DemirBank.

For the anniversary year of the first international bank of the country, we shot a warm heartfelt video. A video about customers. DemirBank has more than 400,000 of them in 25 years. The video is about their most important stages of life, about the desire for new opportunities - even if this path is thorny. Agent version.