be where you need to be

be where you need to be


Kyrgyzstan Bank

Рабочая группа

MBANK - Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN:
Director of innovation and strategic development: Marat Toraliev
Marketing manager: Daniyar Bogachiev
Marketing manager: Meerim Narbekova

Creative Director: Nursultan Bakyt @iamnursultan
Executive Producer: Akmaral Asankan @beloleen

Director: Nursultan Bakyt @iamnursultan
DOP: Bekzat Turatbek uulu @bekza.t
VFX Supervisor: Shakirov Ziedillo @shakirov_ziko
Production Designer: Elena Dedikova @folkowel
Casting Director: Akak Berdibekova @akak.ka
Makeup and Costume Designer: Aykanysh Rayymbekova @aykanysh_
Focus puller: Amantur Adyranov @dark.adamantine
Camera Mechanic\Illuminator: Samat Kenzhebek uulu @ttheonne
Production Designer's Assistant: Atabek Sarykeyev @sarykeevv
Assistants: Chynara Zhanyshbekova
Azat Shamshidinov @azatdirectly
VFX: @mov.fx
Edit: Tolomush Zhanybekov @tlolmush.zhan
Color: Dmitry Barsukov @enrvate
Sound: Vadim Tutarov @tutarov30


In the Kyrgyz Republic, the level of non-cash payments is 40 percent. In terms of digitalization and digitalization, the country ranks 81st out of 193 countries (E-Government Development Index). Every year this figure is growing, banks are developing their mobile banking solutions, providing a full range of services – from regular payments to online loans. But many people are used to using financial services through physical visits to banks, losing all their precious time in long waiting queues.

MBANK is one of the best mobile applications in Kyrgyzstan from the Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN. Our side was shown the advantage and advantage of using MBANK comparison with a physical visit to the bank.

We decided to show the situations in which each of us should be, and not disappear in the bank.