Passion fashion collection

Passion fashion collection


Ferrero Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Ferrero Kazakhstan


Tamara Beglaryan – Senior Brand Manager, Pralines, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus
Stefaniya Sharkina – Brand Manager, Pralines, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus, Russia
Olga Chernova – Junior Brand Manager, Pralines, Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Caucasus

Agency: Crea Y&R
Zauresh Sydykhanova – Director
Zhanna Burakanova – Creative Director
Lyubov Sinitsa – Creative Group Head
Akmaral Ungarova – Creative Group Head
Natalya Zemlyanaya – Junior Art Director
Yekaterina Pushilina – Account Director
Irina Lukyanenko – Account Manager

Alexey Chzhen – CEO, Kazakhstan Fashion Week
Lariya Jakambayeva – Fashion Designer
Botagoz Aldongarova – Executive Director, Kazakhstan Fashion Week


Raffaello is a classic brand dedicated to romance and love. For many years, nothing much has changed in product composition or communication.

Raffaello is launching a new limited-edition collection with a bright exotic flavor – Raffaello Passion Fruit and we need to support this launch with a intresting activation.

There are not only classic brands, but also personalities with their own established style that don't change over the years. No one expects them to do something unusual outside of their established image.
Like the most famous Kazakhstani fashion designer Alex Chzhen. He has an established style - classics, strict forms, restraint images, monochrome. Since we are launching a limited collection of Raffaello Passion Fruit we offered the fashion designer to try a new Raffaello Passion Fruit and create what no one expected from him - to create his own limited collection of clothes inspired by a new bright taste. Exclusive collection Raffaello Passion Fruit by Alex Chzhen & LaRiya was presented at Kazakhstan Fashion Week and surprised everyone, even its authors.

- Designers created bright images with traditional Kazakh motifs, exotic as Raffaello Passion Fruit itself.
- After the show at Kazakhstan Fashion Week, the new unexpected taste and unexpected outfits became the main topic of conversation - Hundreds of messages, likes and reactions in social networks.
- The event was widely covered in social networks and fashion publications.
- 2.5 million reaches.
- Inspired by the collaboration Alex Chzhen changed his style to a brighter and bolder one.

The limited edition Raffaello Passion Fruit collection managed to stand out in the market brightly and boldly, turning over the classic ideas about the brand.