Рабочая группа

Creative team:

Company - Ishonch

Zamira Rakhmanova – creative director
Selivanna Sin – creative manager
Doniyor Soliev - art director
Dilafruz Yusupova - PR manager
Madina Nigmatova - innovation manager
Urmatbek Beishenaliev - marketing director
Nurbek Abyldaev - brand manager
Sardor Kuchkarov - trade manager
Alisher Boykuziev - head of marketing communications department
Otabek Kholmurodov - media manager

Agency - Synthesis
Creative director - Farrukh Sharipov
Client server director (CSD) - Alina Mirzaeva
Copywriters - Sergey Gorobtsov, Shirin Yusopova
Designers - Timur Aitov, Artur Salamov
Account manager - Yulia Gerasimova

Abstract VS: production
Producer - Bekzod Abduvaliev
Director - Ivan Proskuryakov
1st AD - Lera Popova
DOP - Boris Litovchenko
Vhs operator - Khodzhiakbar Lutfullakhodzhaev
Line Producer - Kamila Mevlyudova
Production Designer - Helga Geller
Costume designer - Shakhnoza Muratova
Editor - Khodjiakbar Lutfullakhodzhaev
Color grading - CVET Color Grading Studio
Post-production manager - Karina Tadjieva
Sound engineer - Akbar Yusupov

Client: Ishonch
Marketing Director: Urmatbek Beishenaliev
Creative Director: Zamira Rakhmanova Creative Manager: Selivanna Sin
Art Director: Doniyor Soliev
PR manager: Dilafruz Yusupova
Innovation Manager: Madina Nigmatova
Brand Manager: Nurbek Abyldaev
Head of Marketing Communications Department: Alisher Boykuziev



In its advertising campaign this past summer, ISHONCH – a retailer of household appliances in Uzbekistan – shared stories of ordinary people and their real-life experiences during the scorching temperatures of the recent heatwave.

These are the stories of those who cook fragrant pilaf on an open fire even in the hottest weather, those who crave the freedom of a road trip even without air conditioning while prioritizing passengers’ safety, and those who host joyous weddings and celebrations, filling life with laughter and love.


We want to say to these heroes: "Charchamang" (which literally means “Don't get tired”)! This greeting expresses deep gratitude for hard work and can be heard everywhere, especially in the summer heat. We hope that they don’t get tired because during the day they don’t even have time to cool off. Only in the evening can they relax and regain their strength for tomorrow’s exploits, cooling off with air conditioning from ISHONCH.

Why we filmed it this way:

To reinforce this message, we used a shooting approach that is not typical of advertisements. Equipped with several handycam cameras and filming for several days in natural locations, we documented the life of Uzbekistan’s people in the summer heat. The jagged edit cut captures the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of Uzbekistan’s streets, demonstrating that even in summer there is no time for rest. The glare of the sun, hard shadows, and yellow hues used in color correction convey the desired effect of a scorching, hot sun. In contrast, as soon as a person appears at home, in the cool comfort of ISHONCH’s air conditioning, the video sequence calms down, emphasizing the immediate transition to relaxation.

Why we chose this music:

For the first time, a mass audience in Uzbekistan heard a techno remake of familiar folk music, making this advertisement stand out.

The edgy techno sound combined with the jagged edit cut gave a visual and auditory image of a techno party under the burning sun. Watching and listening to the video, you want to say to its heroes: "Charchamang - Don't get tired", a refrain that sounds at the climax of the music. The use of traditional instruments conveys the national culture of Uzbekistan. The music was performed by LOUD373, a dynamic new part of Uzbekistan’s electronic music scene, and was their debut for a mass audience.