BigBon hungry action-drama: «The agony of waiting for delivery»


Mareven Food Tien-Shan

Рабочая группа

Agency: BBDO CA
Creative Director: Igor Golushko, Kolya Shkoda
Art director: Renat Poposhev, Elena Nikulushkina
Copy: Kolya Shkoda, Daria Priezzheva
Design: Elena Nikulushkina, Eleonora Kist
Senior account manager: Kseniya Zhanokova
CEO: Yulia Yugay

Production: Chilly
Director: Kostya Sobol


BigBon belongs among leaders of the instant noodle market. Consumers love the brand for high quality of ingredients and differential advantage it certainly has – wide selection of unique sauces. Sauces – that’s what makes BigBon both fast and tasty recipe to still hunger.

The task that faces us is to find new opportunities for business development and occupy the territory that’s unique to the category.
Our survey found that consumers in Kazakhstan with ever increasing frequency use ready food delivery services to quickly remove hunger where they are unable to cook. However, consumers do not regard BigBon a sound alternative as they see no reasons for that.

To convince consumers that BigBon can provide an alternative to food delivery services.

With all the advantages of food delivery, it has a significant drawback – painfully long wait time. Especially long with a slow courier. And especially painful when you are really hungry. In our big video and a series of more cut short versions we show effects of such wait as a mini-movie that carries the gamut of agonizing emotions experienced by a hungry man. But, most importantly, we offer an easy way to avoid this agony – BigBon! Add boiling water, wait for 5 minutes, and add tasty sauce. Done!

Now, if you get hungry and feel like eating something nice right away, you are sure to think of BigBon.