Big Bon Tien Shan RAMEN: «How to cook luxury instant noodles?»


Mareven Food Tien-Shan

Рабочая группа

Agency: BBDO CA
Creative Director: Igor Golushko, Kolya Shkoda
Art director: Renat Poposhev, Elena Nikulushkina
Copy: Kolya Shkoda, Daria Priezzheva
Design: Elena Nikulushkina, Eleonora Kist
Senior account manager: Kseniya Zhanokova
CEO: Yulia Yugay

Production: Chilly
Director: Kostya Sobol


BigBon is a brand known in Kazakhstan, above all, as instant noodles. But beyond that, the brand has a premium Tien Shan line – special flavors that require special preparation. Pouring with water and 5-minute wait is not enough for RAMEN and WOK – it is a bit more complicated.

To raise awareness of Tien Shan products and teach consumers the right way to cook to get the most out of taste.

We knew that shooting an ordinary “How To” video is not enough – it would be of no interest for the viewer. For two reasons:
1. no communication message to catch the audience;
2. cooking noodles is a process too brief and hardly eye-catching – a video should offer something more.

Success secrets from Mr. How To Cook!
This isn’t just a video tutorial! It tells the story of a pretty funny, satiated with worldly pleasures Asian man of wealth. He is often asked what helps him overcome challenges in life and business, so he decided to share the recipe of proper BigBon WOK and BigBon Ramen preparation.

We wanted our clips to become a new word in video tutorials. And we did it! Our videos instruct the viewer and bring positive emotions. Now, when you want to luxuriate and treat yourself to unusual instant noodles, you’ll remember Mr. How To Cook and BigBon WOK/BigBon Ramen.