Huggies: Baby's First Embrace

Huggies: Baby's First Embrace


Kimberly-Clark Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Asiya Zhaleeva - Senior Brand Manager
Zaur Agaev - Senior Brand Manager
Alexey Goncharov - Marketing Manager

Yulia Pak - Director
Tazagul Tazhiyeva - Media Director
Kamola Ismoilova - Strategy Director
Bakhtiyar Sebepov - Client Service Director
Yekaterina Zhumazhanova - Senior Media Planner


To push Trial and collect FPD (first-party data). In order to use it for more personalized communications with moms throughout all consumer journey as baby grows.

Solution and Implementation:
Until 2022, the Huggies brand primarily communicated with moms through television screens, as the most trusted media channel. In 2022, the strategy was changed and brand decided to focus on digital promotion and collecting FPD (First-Party Data), which was obtained by gathering data from moms who registered to receive a coupon on a special website.
Based on data from mothers who previously registered for the Couponing project, we identified interest segments for more precise targeting with relevant creatives for pregnant women in their third trimester and mothers with children up to 3 years old.
To promote the Couponing project, it was important to choose platforms that specifically targeted moms. Therefore, the decision was made to use more niche platforms and non-standard solutions. Our approach had four directions with several audience sub-segments and for each one of them we developed personalized offers and creative materials:
1. Big Data integrated into paid social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram):
- Retailer’s data about consumers of Huggies diapers and wet wipes;
- Retailer’s data about consumers of other brands’ diapers and wet wipes;
- Retailer’s data about consumers of goods for newborns;
- Telecom provider's data on Pregnant women;
- Huggies’s First Party Data.
2. Detailed interests-based targeting with personalized creatives:
- Childbirth;
- Diapering;
- Maternity bag;
- Baby's stuff (clothing, cradle, etc.);
- Pregnancy.
3. Pregnancy tracker app;
4. Search advertising based on baby and child care topics and items.

It should be taken into consideration that we developed more than 100 of new personalized creatives which were constantly tested and updated.

This strategy showed high efficiency due to direct communication with the target audience based on their specific needs, while data collection of new users continued in parallel.

ER% - 10%,
Personalization - 83%
First Party Data collected from more than 136,000 users (46% of annual birth rate)

Kimberly-Clark were one of the first advertisers in Kazakhstan to collect First Party Data. This data further allowed us to analyze consumer behavior, build deeper audiences and retain moms with new communication about Huggies products that are suitable for growing babies.
We are proud to say that Huggies gave 8 out of 10 newborn babies their first embrace.