Kotex: Unveiling the Power of Personalization through First-Party Data

Kotex: Unveiling the Power of Personalization through First-Party Data


Kimberly-Clark Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Asiya Zhaleeva - Senior Brand Manager
Gulzhan Seitmagambetova - Marketing Manager
Marina Koishigulova - Brand Manager

Yulia Pak - Director
Tazagul Tazhiyeva - Media Director
Kamola Ismoilova - Strategy Director
Bakhtiyar Sebepov - Client Service Director
Yekaterina Zhumazhanova - Senior Media Planner


Kotex’s marketing objectives were to:
• Grow penetration of Kotex within all segments (pads, liners, tampons) among strategic target audience through switching users from competitors;
• Recruit fertile women population at POBA (Point Of Brand Adaption) age.
As a media agency our goal was to strengthen the position of Kotex in the feminine hygiene category by pushing the trial and collecting first-party data for further personalized communication with the Target Audience.

Before 2022, Kotex ran a couponing program aiming to be the first choice for girls and to win over customers from competitors. But pads and tampons are everyday essentials that don’t cost much, and standard discounts on a single pack just weren't motivating enough.

That's when Kotex came up with an innovative solution - Receipt Activation. It's a simple four-step process.
1. Buy any Kotex product
2. Register the check on a Telegram chatbot
3. Participate in monthly prize draws and receive guaranteed prizes
4. Explore the chatbot's other features, such as compatibility tests, cooking ideas, leisure ideas, photo frames and period tracking.

But how would girls and women find out about this possibility? That's where our comprehensive and personalized digital marketing strategy came into play.
We utilized audience interests, category customers’ purchase behaviors, retailer’s consumer data, and Kotex first-party data in our approach and integrated them into social media platforms to reach out to our target audience with the most relevant offer. Our approach towards Target Audience had two main directions with several audience sub-segments and for each one of them we developed personalized offers and creative materials:
1. Big Data integrated into paid social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram):
- Retailer’s data about consumers of Kotex pads and tampons;
- Retailer’s data about consumers of other brands’ pads and tampons;
- Kotex’s First Party Data.
2. Detailed interests-based targeting with personalized creatives:
- Business;
- Sports;
- Astrology;
- Music;
- Education;
- Feminine hygiene items and topics.

And what have we achieved?
 - Over 7,000 primary data collected from girls and women in just 5 months of 2022.
 - More than 1,500 users activated their checks and won prizes.
 - Over 4,500 users engaged with the brand on our Telegram chat-bot which states for Target Audience's engagement with Kotex Brand.
 - A remarkable 61% reduction in registration conversion costs.
 - An astonishing 95% increase in brand interest from August to December 2022 compared to the same period in 2021.

Collecting user data and a personalized approach were the key ingredients in Kotex's successful strategy since this FPD was used for the further communication with the our Target Audience in a more personalized ways depending on their needs.

Kotex Receipt Activation case is not just about promoting feminine hygiene products; it's about connecting with our audience in precise and innovative ways.