Fruits of Heroism

Fruits of Heroism


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Creative Chairman: Levan Lepsveridze
Chief Creative Officer: Anze Jereb
Creative Director: Mindia Arabuli
Copywriter: Dachi Imedadze
Art Director: Magda Janjalashvili
Head of Design: Matassi Sulakauri
Sr. Designer: Tekla Baramashvili
Account Directors: Zizi Nasrashvili, Ekaterine Ebanoidze
Sr. Account Manager: Salome Martiashvili
Jr. Account Manager: Elene Davitadze
Motion Designer: Luka Shvelidze
Copywriter: Tatia Darsadze
Administrative Team: Erekle Zurmukhtashvili, Natia Demetradze, Nana Tushishvili, Pikria Javashvili


Background *

In 2008, After the Russian Aggression, living in the so-called near-border region in the heart of Georgia became extremely unstable and threatening. Occupants move barbed wire borders further down Georgian ground every month, leaving more people's houses and gardens under occupation. Since the conflict, 1033 Georgian citizens have been kidnapped from here. Living in this region has become unbearable.

Some locals in the Georgian region of Tskhinvali were forced to leave the lands that had been passed down for generations. However, brave Georgians like Natia do not want to leave their homes and stay despite the ongoing dangers. They persist in cultivating fields. The love these farmers have for Georgian soil proved to be greater than fear. They would never abandon the centuries-long tradition of farming their land.

Solution & Execution *

We created a brand to honor these courageous farmers. To ensure them support with new distribution and communication channels. We wanted to express our appreciation for these heroes and for everyone to know what exceptional work they do. These brave people stand their ground in the face of constant threat and continue to grow natural food, wine, and other products. Our team did everything to help the farmers promote their products so they could grow their businesses.

We branded farm products made in this region and developed a campaign to raise awareness. We named their products Fruits of Heroism - a celebration of their bravery and a symbol of hope for the community. And created a special symbol: a barbed wire shattered by sprouts of green leaves and berries. This logo represents the unwavering spirit of the farmers and their resilience.

Our symbol helped customers identify products and purchase them as a sign of gratitude, support, and solidarity for the brave farmers.

Results *

Our branded desks and products were available at three largest supermarket chain stores across the country.

The news about the Fruits of Heroism spread quickly. It became a hot topic in the media and social media. With no media investments it had 9 TV appearances and 2 million Facebook impressions.

10 Tons of fruits and 7000 packs of products were completely sold out!

And the whole Georgian population got inspired by the bravery of these farmers. By protecting our land, these farmers are protecting our future. And one day, when this land will be free again, the people who return to their Homes and Gardens will find a community that is alive and thriving, all thanks to the heroism of those who stayed there.