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Creative Chairman: Levan Lepsveridze
Chief Creative Officer: Anze Jereb
Creative Director: Lasha D. Kotori
Design Lead: Matassi Sulakauri
Junior Copywriters: Sopo Lomineishvili, Ratexandre
Production: Lilu Urushadze

Junior Designer/Art Director: Nutsa Kakulia
Head Of Advertising Unit: Anika Gavasheli
Advertiser: Keto Akhvlediani
Motion Designer/Video Editor: Luka Shvelidze
Drone Driver: Gela Tarieladaze
Voiceover by Heima Production
English Copy: Tatia Darsadze



For over 30 years, the junk car has been a part of Georgian daily life, becoming a cultural icon and social signal, symbolizing someone coming to collect metal - a crucial source of income for families in Georgia during challenging economic times. The Junk car, with its iconic sound, stood the test of time. During modern times it became the subject of many Coubs, memes, and TikTok trends. There was even a song, a video game, and a TV show created about the junk car! We seem to be just stuck with it indefinitely.

Tene is a small first-ever Georgian recycling company. They make green USB cables from secondary waste and aim to fight against environmental pollution. Our objective was to raise awareness about environmental issues among people, informing them about the impacts of human behaviors on our planet. And by incorporating Tene into the junk car phenomenon, we achieved the goal of introducing the culture of collecting and recycling plastic to the everyday lives of Georgian people.

Solution & Execution * Strategy, Creative idea, Implementation. (cultural terms, references or context)

To this day, junk cars are still around every corner, but despite that, statistically, one citizen produces 42.6kg of plastic waste annually. So, we thought, what if there is a way to use the junk car phenomenon for something good?

Since TENE collects plastic to recycle, we invented a Plastic Junk Car! It is similar to the junk car experience, but in this case, instead of metal TENE collects plastic and offers eco-friendly USB cables in exchange.

To attract attention, we modified the classic message associated with a junk car that its driver shouts, usually with a megaphone - We are collecting metal! Turning it into: We are collecting plastic! And then we headed to conquer all the plastic in the city with the CEO of TENE at the steering wheel of our junk car! And as for the people looking from the windows, we placed a QR code on the rooftop of our junk car. It would take anyone who clicked on it to a webpage showing the impact of plastic on nature.


The results of this campaign surpassed all expectations. We collected 10 tons of plastic in the 1st week of the campaign, and the TENE brand interaction increased by 500%. With 0$ spent, we saved 4500 years and made 2500 USBs. Surprisingly, people began requesting we come to them with our junk car. Then something even more incredible happened - with the help of this campaign, we won the EU tender, receiving funding to purchase what we now affectionately call the Plastic Junk Truck. We plan to go nationwide with our junk car on the quest to collect plastic!