Рабочая группа

Aigerim Beisembina, Founder, CEO
Daryn Orazayev, Backend Developer
Leonid Pan, QA Tester
Aigerim Khalykbergenova, Commercial Director
Gaukhar Beisembina, Account Manager
Danagul Kalniyazova, Influencer Manager
Meruert Kagazbek, Influencer Manager
Saida Saparbayeva, Creative Producer
Tomiris Ashimova, Creative Manager/Influencer/Ambassador


"Behype is an innovative company specializing in the development and provision of a platform
for organizing and launching organic challenges on two popular social media platforms, TikTok
and Instagram. Our primary goal is to provide brands and content creators with the means for
effective interaction, enabling them to achieve their marketing objectives. We offer the
opportunity to immerse brands, products, or services in the viral space of social networks,
ensuring an organic surge in popularity within a short period.
Our key objectives include:
 Providing brands with a tool to create native challenges that seamlessly integrate with
the TikTok and Instagram platforms.
 Assisting brands in increasing visibility and capturing audience attention through organic
content dissemination and viral effects.
 Supporting and rewarding talented content creators, allowing them to monetize their
skills and earn rewards based on view counts.

With the use of influencers and technology, we successfully launch organic challenges for
brands on the TikTok and Instagram platforms. We guarantee not only views but also creative
user-generated content, transparent statistical data, viral growth in popularity, and brand
Our platform ensures guaranteed KPIs for views, often exceeding expectations, as our aim is to
create an organic viral effect around brands, products, or services.
 We take pride in our collaborations with major international and local companies, such
as KFC, Jusan, Forte, L’Oreal, Samsung, Wolt, film production companies, Dirol, Oreo,
Tuk, Indrive, and others.
 Furthermore, our platform hosts over 2,000 influencers across Kazakhstan.
 We provide opportunities for influencers to earn income in all regions of the country.
 Over 2,000 influencers have already earned over 50 million tenge in six months, and
their creativity continues to flourish under the influence of the opportunities and
support we provide.

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