L'Oreal Paris

Рабочая группа

Brand Manager - L'Oreal Paris: Alisa Okuneva
Commercial Director - Behype: Khalykbergenova Aigerim
Account Manager - Behype: Beisembina Gauhar
Influencer Manager - Behype: Kalniyazova Danagul
Influencer Manager - Behype: Kagazbek Meruet


L'Oreal Paris strategically promoted its new Telescopic Lift mascara by launching a comprehensive social media campaign through influencer seeding. For this purpose, they turned to Behype, a leading expert in working with Kazakhstani influencers, content creators, and bloggers. The collaborative efforts of L'Oreal and Behype yielded impressive results. To capture audience attention, a viral challenge was created in which bloggers showcased the results achieved with Telescopic Lift mascara, demonstrating the 'before' and 'after' effect.

Thanks to the creative content produced by female influencers, L'Oreal Paris effectively presented its product and strengthened its position in the minds of consumers. This marketing case illustrates the successful collaboration between the cosmetics brand L'Oreal and Behype, which allowed them to achieve ambitious goals and significantly increase awareness and attention for the new Telescopic Lift mascara.

The campaign results were remarkable.

• 90 bloggers participated in the challenge, exerting significant influence over their followers.
• The audience reach exceeded 7.2 million people, significantly enhancing consumer awareness of the new mascara.

Such innovative and creative approaches are crucial in modern marketing, and this case serves as an excellent example of the successful execution of such a strategy.