Рабочая группа

Brand Manager - Dirol, Mondelez: Konstantin Lee
Influencer Manager - Dentsu: Seypulnik Taisiya Viktorovna
Commercial Director - Behype: Khalykbergenova Aigerim
Account Manager - Behype: Beisembina Gauhar
Influencer Manager - Behype: Kalniyazova Danagul


The objective for the Dirol brand in their "Get a taste with Dirol" campaign was to
successfully promote their new line of chewing gums in Kazakhstan through the
social network TikTok. They aimed to increase brand recognition for Dirol and remind
the young audience about their presence while involving the youth in creating user-
generated content (UGC). To achieve this, Dirol turned to the Behype platform,
which offers an innovative way to conduct Challenges with the participation of
hundreds of TikTok influencers. Within these Challenges, the influencers' masks and
videos organically made their way into TikTok's recommendations, and the brand's
message gained viral traction throughout Kazakhstan.
Behype's tasks included creating the mask, ensuring the extensive participation of
TikTok influencers, and guaranteeing 4 million views among the Kazakhstani TikTok
In summary, with the assistance of the Behype platform:
 90 videos were published, featuring the participation of 75 micro and macro
TikTok influencers.
 The mask and video from the Challenge garnered an impressive 14 million
views in the first week and 20 million views across the country in the second
 Additionally, Dirol utilized reserved ad formats, amassing 30 million views, and
conducted prize giveaways.

The combined use of these tools led to significant brand recognition and virality for
Dirol's campaign on TikTok within a short period. Over 5000 TikTok users
participated in the Challenges with the mask, resulting in a remarkable 50 million
views across Kazakhstan.