AVO Bank

Рабочая группа

Art Director: Ilya Lyubimov
Designer: Anastasia Ivanchikova
Senior Motion Designer: Andrey Smirnov
3D Modeller: Anastasia Galaktionova


AVO Bank has changed its corporate identity. Examples of the new solution can be seen here

In continuation of work on corporate identity and communication with the client, AVO Bank decided to develop a mascot.

Marketing Task

Mascots solve important business tasks: increase revenue and expand the target audience. A study by the British company System1 Group shows that advertising with a mascot brings 30% more profit. They also increase brand awareness, engage and retain customers, and facilitate user contact with the brand.

To improve communication with users, AVO Bank specialists decided to develop their own mascot.
What tasks should a character perform in communication: to teach, to demonstrate a product, to help, to accompany, to involve.
The task is based on the character of the character: smart, responsive, determined, honest, simple.
What a mascot should broadcast: expertise, technology, ease and simplicity, care
What emotions should a character evoke in someone with whom communication is conducted: trust, gratitude, friendly disposition, smile
The mascot must be prepared to be present in communications: on the website and MP, in self-service devices, training materials, in POSM, in advertising.

How to solve the task:

Studies of existing characters by industry and region were conducted. According to the results, several concepts were proposed, two of them were finally worked out: a robot character and a character similar to a cloud (the name of the mascot – AVOZ (Avosh) is a play on the words AVO (havo – Uzbek "air") and Ovoz (Uzbek – "sound", "voice").


A completely unique character was developed, which differs from the already existing mascots and characters on the Uzbek market, as well as from well-known global companies. The mascot of AVO Bank is friendly and attractive to customers so that they feel comfortable and trust him.

The main criteria in the vector style of the character:
The character is made in a cartun style. Soft and airy shapes make movements easy and smooth.
2d and 3d illustrations were prepared, as well as variants of the mascot's interaction with objects, basic emotions, characteristics of animated movements and use in communication channels.

Avosh is confident, smart, friendly, always honest and open in his movements. He will be an excellent guide and assistant in the cooperation of the client with the AVO bank!

More information about the mascot can be found in the attached presentation https://disk.yandex.ru/i/wxj6ChTrfH5_Ew

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