Рабочая группа

CSD — Nargiz Kamalova
Creative Directors — Shaha Saliyev & Ilya Kodintsev
Art-Director — Victoria Sharafutdinova
3D & Motion Designer — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev
Production — Shoom Production


All organizations and brands act similarly for March 8th - standard festive posts on social media, typical celebratory activities, regular work parties, and common "female" gifts...

Together with the mobile application Payme, instead of manifestos and the usual March 8th greetings, we invested all our resources into supporting small women's entrepreneurship.

We assisted them in sharing their journey through a series of interviews, helped promote their businesses with outdoor advertising throughout Uzbekistan, and aided the community in supporting them with the hashtag #OnSideOfWomenBusiness

Most importantly, we provided them with the Payme Growth platform — where every female entrepreneur from Uzbekistan can boldly promote her business, attracting customers, investors, and partners.


- Over 1,300 women-led businesses have set up on the Payme Growth platform.
- The international organization, UNDP Uzbekistan, recognized and supported the initiative, further promoting women's entrepreneurship.
- In just a week, the campaign touched a staggering audience of over 1.1 million people, showcasing the tangible power of a campaign rooted in genuine support over surface-level celebration.