Рабочая группа

CSD — Nargiz Kamalova
Strategist — Aziza Muminova
Creative Director — Shaha Saliyev
Art-Director — Victoria Sharafutdinova
3D & Motion Designer — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev


Uzbekistan revolves around "mahallas" or tight-knit neighborhoods. Here, people have historically lived closely, always ready to help neighbors and friends. This sense of community isn't just about a place; it's a deep-seated way Uzbeks relate to one another.

Imagine, everyone rallying to build a house for newlyweds or collectively raising money for someone in need. This unity raised a question: how could a mobile app, designed for everyday tasks, digitize this spirit of togetherness?

Payme's answer was the "Mahalla" platform, where users could use their cashback for charitable causes. We began by spotlighting education. We achieved our donation target in a day. So far, 3 billion points have been donated, with over 44,000 users participating. In just six months, Payme's users aided 7,944 kids across Uzbekistan, providing updated computer rooms, more classbooks, and new sports equipment.

This age-old tradition of the Uzbek Mahalla isn't fading; it's thriving digitally, uniting not just a few but millions.