Рабочая группа

Creative Director — Shaha Saliyev
Strategist — Aziza Muminova
Art-Director — Victoria Sharafutdinova
Account Manager — Christina Salnikova
3D & Motion Designer — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev
Photo Production — XEN


Payme, in collaboration with VISA, decided to introduce a virtual VISA card within their app. The challenge? Almost every bank and finance app already had a similar feature, making virtual VISA cards pretty common and not very surprising. So, our focus shifted from the card itself to a unique way of presenting it to the Uzbek people.

Our approach was to take this global card and give it a local, familiar touch. We ran a big survey to figure out what Uzbeks consider truly representative of their culture. Based on the feedback, we created a special design for the new Payme Visa virtual cards.

The result? Our campaign reached over 4 million people. The number of new Payme Visa cards increased by 203% in just six months, and twice as many users engaged with the app's identification process.

The card's design resonated so well that it wasn't just limited to the card. We launched merchandise featuring the unique design, capturing the essence of Uzbekistan. People even requested the digital images separately, wanting to use them as smartphone wallpapers.