Рабочая группа

CSD — Nargiz Kamalova
Creative Director — Shaha Saliyev
Art-Director — Victoria Sharafutdinova
Account Manager — Nelya Ahmedova
3D & Motion Designer — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev
Production — Abstract Visuals


In recent years, Uzbekistan's market has been flooded with new online marketplaces, so much so that people can't keep track and everything just blends together. For Uzum Market, a newbie with aspirations to dominate the national market, standing out from this crowded space and making a memorable impact was a must.

Uzbekistan loves entertainment. So instead of battling competitors with deals and offers, we decided to ride the biggest wave in the country – the wave of Uzbekistan's pop culture.

We teamed up with the country's most beloved pop star, singer Shahzoda. Her chart-topping hits became the foundation of our content, and her iconic persona transformed into the entire musical creative platform for Uzum Market. Together with this pop sensation, we crafted a catchy brand jingle that laid the groundwork for a series of music-driven campaigns. Using widespread channels, we educated a vast audience on how to use the app and kept hammering home our core offers through that same infectious jingle, over and over.

In less than a year, Uzum Market evolved from an unknown newcomer to the most recognizable name in online shopping, even surpassing giants like AliExpress and popular Instagram and Telegram shops. The brand's momentum hasn't stopped – over the past six months, order numbers surged by 719%, and unique app visitors skyrocketed by 617%.

Now, we can confidently say that the whole of Uzbekistan knows — shopping starts from Uzum Market