Mama Znaet: secret team of helpers


Mama Znaet

Рабочая группа

Project manager: Saltanat Askharova.
Copywriter: Narima Jambekova.
SMM: Narima Jambekova.

DOP: Aralbayev Dastan.
1AC: Mansur.
PD: Kazbek Tabylganov.
Makeup: Dana Bazarova.
Stylist: Sofya Stepanova.
Sound: Dias Bektayev.
Drone: Nurtugan Dairbek.
VFX: Olzhas Bermaganbet.
Color: Aslan Altynsariev.

Influencer: Sabira Akatay (1,4M followers).


The client set the task to increase the number of sales requests and to demonstrate one of the brand's advantages — free delivery of diapers within three hours.

We decided to shoot a commercial and cast a well-known blogger, Sabira Akatay, who is also an ambassador of the Mama Znaet brand. The blogger has more than 1.4M followers on Instagram, a loyal audience, and an unofficial status of a people's blogger. Sabira played all the roles herself. We specifically chose the "one actor" format, as the blogger often does it herself. Sabira's blog consists of family stories and simple life situations presented with humor. We used this concept for the commercial.

Through a simple and humorous form, we conveyed an essential message to the audience that the delivery of diapers is a special mission for Mama Znaet. The brand has special agents ready to help mothers in any problematic situation. Visual references to the films "Pulp Fiction" and "Agent 007" emphasized the connection with the theme of "special agents," and the blogger's extraordinary charisma and acting skills made a simple plot memorable and vivid.

The video received over 90K views on the brand's page and many positive comments. The comments were mainly about a creative approach to advertising diapers: "As creative as always", "Amazing video", "I want to buy, even if I don't have children yet. What is this of marketing" etc. Sales requests increased after the video's release by 20%. The client was satisfied with the result.