EVA: taking care of yourself



Рабочая группа

Project manager: Saltanat Askharova.
Producer: Asel Akimbekova.
Photographer: Ainur Musagulova.
Stylist: Azhar Kudaibergenova.
Copywriter: Narima Jambekova.
SMM: Narima Jambekova.
Account manager: Ainur Abduvali, Diana Mustafa, Rahima Turzhanova.

Influencers: Damelya Sweet (959K followers), Gulsezim "Guka" Khasen (376K followers), Dina Tsay (129K followers), Nagima "Nagimusha" Nastevich (716K followers).


We faced the task of building an advertising campaign for the launch of a new brand of sanitary pads for women named EVA. It was necessary to announce a new brand's entry into the market loudly without going beyond the brand's tone of voice. The client wanted the brand to be associated with beauty, tenderness, and care.

We have involved well-known Kazakhstani influencers in the announcement of a new brand. We selected them in such a way that they fit the brand's positioning: taking care of yourself. They also had to be popular, have a high reach, and a relevant target audience.

We executed the campaign in several stages. In the first stage, we held joint photo shoots with bloggers: individual and group photos. We showed the product in each picture and connected it with the blogger via external images. Each blogger had their own set of photos. During the first stage, each blogger shared backstage footage on their Instagram page to engage their audience.

In the second stage, bloggers posted photos of themselves with the product on their Instagram pages. The descriptions were about the importance of personal hygiene, informing why they chose this product. We also sent them products in branded packages. Each set included a blanket, pads, heat patches, and a postcard.

The third stage consisted of bloggers posting Instagram Stories, presenting the brand's products, and discussing their benefits. Photos with bloggers were also published on the website and the brand page. We wanted to achieve a hype effect with phased but simultaneous taps.

We expected a high percentage of sales conversions since the applications were from loyal audiences of relevant bloggers. But the results exceeded our expectations. Campaign reach: 1,263,750 users. Number of applications in the first two days of the campaign: 2,578. Number of sales: 1,725. In addition, bloggers did not delete advertising posts on their pages, although the advertising agreement was only for three months.

Website: https://evapads.kz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evapads.kz/