EVA: a journey into the past



Рабочая группа

Project manager: Saltanat Askharova.
Designer: Balzhan Abylgaziyeva,
SMM: Narima Jambekova, Kamshat Shorayeva.
Account manager: Zhanetta Sabyrova.
Art director: Sanzhar Nukasov.
Photographer: Sanzhar Nukasov.
Photographer Assistant: Akzhan Kuandykov.
Hair: Samal Sariyeva.
Makeup: Aziz Parkhatov.
Stylist: Chingiz Eskali.
Stylist Assistant: Zhasulan Baigunusov.
Model: Asiya Sherimova, Dara Dosman.
Gaffer: Mark Kinyakhin.
Graphic Designer: Guldana Tauasar.


The task set by the client was to create advertising photos in an informal style. It was necessary to avoid making it too direct and to approach the matter creatively and unconventionally. At the same time, the quality of the photos had to be very high.

EVA is a brand of sanitary pads created using the latest Japanese technology. We decided to portray this fact in the photo format with the help of the online media outlet Spring Central Asia. Since the product utilizes Japanese technology, we took inspiration from a vintage Japanese sanitary pad advertisement from the 80s and 90s and made a series of bold posters. In addition, Spring Central Asia published a promo article about the project. We are very grateful to our customers for supporting the creative idea of product presentation. The campaign received high praise from the social media audience.

The client highly appreciated the results.