Рабочая группа

Mars Wrigley: Natalia Mostova, Kamilla Raikhel
YuFrame: Aman Yussupov, Aiym Seitmetova, Karina Oksukpayeva, Artur Askaruly

Strategy: Raim Dadybayev
Creative & Copywrite: Bolat Elmuratov
Art direction: Anton Fedishin
Design: Aisana Abdieva
Motion design: Dilyara Sharipova Roman Mokrov
Account Manager: Svetlana Makarova
Influencer manager: Indira Mukhambetova
SM Manager: Arina Palatova


CONTEXT: Orbit is №1 gum in Kazakhstan (brand & sales). For the decades, people in Kazakhstan have been trained to chew Orbit after meals, stocking up chewing gum in stores. Now, Orbit is in every store. Lifestyle has changed so the younger generation increasingly not buying food in stores, snacking at the quick service restaurants.

GOAL: increase Orbit relevance for the youth audience in after-meal/food occasion.

OBJECTIVE: create a campaign with big coverage with high affinity & big potential to become a long term platform.

LOCAL BACKGROUND: Vines are loved in Kazakhstan. The popular vine-crew Yuframe have 3,4 million subscribers (out of 18 million population). As a result, one of the most popular fast-food chains in KZ is Yuframe Burger (YFB) founded in 2017.

INSIGHT: after spicy burger with onion you want to refresh your breath, but no one sells Orbit (or any other gum, mint candy) in restaurants.

SOLUTION: we developed & implement the juicy and fragrant Orbit Burger in YFB restaurant’s menu to communicate Orbit as youth after-meal brand. Top 4 popular faces of Instagram (Yuframe) in Kazakhstan invited millions of subscribers to try this combo via Instagram & Youtube promo video & influencers burger reviews, SMM contests, BTL activation.

3,8M+ views on Youtube & Instagram with 2,14M+ users covered
140K+ comments & likes
1K+ UGC in Instagram

We opened to brand communication and new sales channels. Yuframe fans started to form a habit of buying Orbit with their favorite burger. Orbitburger became №2 selling burger in just 3 months & still in menu remaining top 5 burgers. Orbit sales showed record growth since 2017.