PUBG Mobile: two countries – one game


Tencent Games

Рабочая группа

Project manager: Sanzhar Asylbek.
Senior marketing manager: Aidana Sayasat.
Senior account manager: Zhansaya Aidyn.
Account manager: Aisulu Mussabekova.
Influencer manager: Rakhima Turzhanova.

Designer: Balzhan Abylgaziyeva.
Art director: Anuar Baiserik.

Producer: Balnura Abylgaziyeva.
Director: Dimash Aubakirov.
Second director: Irina Subbotina.

Scriptwriter: Asyl Romeo.


The task was to organize the first PUBG Mobile event in Central Asia. The event was to coincide with the release of the new in-game map, Livik. It was necessary to cover two countries at once: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The offline event was supposed to take place in Kazakhstan. For Uzbekistan, online activity with Uzbekistani bloggers was planned. The rest was up to the project team.

We decided to hold the offline event in Almaty due to the popularity of PUBG Mobile among the local gamers. We made a landing webpage for participants' registration in advance. Everyone who came to the event downloaded the game on the spot and received a chance to participate in a prize draw. Thus, we have attracted a lot of attention to the game.

The main decorative element was the almost full-size aircraft tail. Every PUBG Mobile match starts with the player jumping out of an airplane, so we installed chairs inside the construction where anyone could play the game and get branded merchandise. We broadcasted matches on the LED screen along with the observations from a professional commentator. Also, a well-known cyber sportsman participated in the games.

The entertainment program consisted of dance competitions and PUBG Mobile-related quizzes. Well-known Kazakhstani bloggers Zheka Fatbelly, Baha Puper, and others also attended the event and covered it via their social media pages. We found that it takes at least two weeks to promote and attract attention to an activity effectively.

We organized an online show with well-known Kazakhstani bloggers to promote the new map in Uzbekistan. They participated in several events, including buggy riding, rock climbing, and more. The challenges reflected the features of the new map. In this way, we wanted to convey the game's atmosphere and involve viewers in the world of PUBG Mobile. We filmed the competition and prepared a thirty-minute video so that as many people could see it.

The participants count in Almaty exceeded 3,745 people. Approximately 101,000 people come to the Arbat on the weekend, and some passers-by who were there at that time also participated in the event. The video from the event in Almaty was viewed almost 150,000 times. The total reach of the event was 1,215,863 users. The video featuring Uzbekistani bloggers on the PUBG Mobile YouTube page has over 970,000 views. The client was satisfied with the result and continued our cooperation.