Huawei's Summer Event: Elevating Brand Image in Kazakhstan

Huawei's Summer Event: Elevating Brand Image in Kazakhstan


Huawei Technologies Kazakhstan LLP

Рабочая группа

Lingyu Zhang - Marketing Supervisor Huawei Device Kazakhstan (Ex.)
Irina Kletchuk - Deputy Marketing Director Eurasia Device Marketing Dept.
Ganiya Arkenova - Head of Marketing Huawei Device Kazakhstan
Kuat Abay - Product Trainer Huawei Device Kazakhstan

Yulia Pak - Director
Tazagul Tazhiyeva - Media Director
Kamola Ismoilova - Strategy Director
Bakhtiyar Sebepov - Client Service Director
Dias Kadirov - Media Planner


Media Case: Using the unique presentation of new Huawei products in Kazakhstan and the concert dedicated to it to improve the brand image.

Improve the image of the Huawei brand, and increase awareness by attracting the audience to a large-scale presentation of new products.

As a media agency, our mission is to take the brand and make it part of everyday life. With Huawei, we have gone further, knowing that a vibrant summer event can become an unconventional platform for raising the brand image. We had the following tools at our disposal:

Summer Event Magic: The choice to hold the event at the end of the summer was a conscious decision. The goal was to give the residents of Almaty the opportunity to enjoy the last days of the warm season together and spend time together before the start of the school days.

Superstars On Stage: Prominent Kazakh and international artists including Limba, M'Dee and Yenlik headlined the event.

Live Broadcast and Giveaway: There was an opportunity to win HUAWEI Mate Xs 2 flagship smartphone and a HUAWEI Matebook D16 laptop through live stream.

In this, we saw the prospect of creating a brand image campaign aimed at increasing the growth and interest in the Huawei brand among the population of Kazakhstan.

Strategic Approach:
Thorough Preparation and Advanced Media Tools: Our strategy was built on a deep understanding of the audience and an integrated approach. We not only chose the most effective media tools, but also created an atmosphere of collaborative training through 360 degree marketing, using a wide range of communication channels. Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) served as a platform for active promotion, while YouTube provided an excellent place for interactive online broadcasting.

Cooperation with the leading media in Kazakhstan has also played a key role. We actively used partnerships for teasers and articles revealing the upcoming event. Branding on the largest ticketing portal - Ticketon and advertising on wide-reaching Instagram pages (Sxodim,, where people learn about large-scale events in Almaty, increased attention to the event.

Whole Area Coverage: Our coverage strategy was not limited to Almaty. We actively promoted the event throughout Kazakhstan, drawing the attention of a wide audience to the online broadcast and presentation.

Results and Achievements:
Spectacular Presence and Online Impact: More than 7,000 people attended the event which exceeded the planned indicators by 40%, making the atmosphere unforgettable. The online broadcast on YouTube collected more than 20,000 views, and media activity covered almost 3 million viewers throughout Kazakhstan.

Explosive Brand Interest: Interest in the Huawei brand peaked in the first week after the event, pushing search rates to levels comparable to the highest since early 2020. The number of search queries for the Huawei brand increased by 30% compared to the period before the announcement of the event, for the Huawei Matebook series of laptops - by 80%.

The use of the event as a newsbreak was an effective tool for increasing media indicators: knowledge, interest in the Huawei brand and products, as well as for improving the image of Huawei in the eyes of the population of Kazakhstan.