Abdysh - Ata

Рабочая группа

Working group:
Head of the Marketing Department - Eler Sadykahynov
Brand manager - Aleksandra Sviridova
PR manager - Sharsheeva Aliya


Problem: wrong brand positioning of the product, lack of brand characteristics.
Objective: attracting the attention of the target audience, enhancing the competitiveness of the brand in the market, making the brand unique/ creating characteristics for the brand.
Solution: new design development. The main design concept is increased charge of energy, resembling a connected phone charger. However, our energy supply, which is contained in the drink, was illustrated as green colour. It means that our enery boost is natural.
Introduction of new packaging (metal cans 0.45 and 0.25).
Videos emphasizing the characteristics and uniqueness of the brand were released.
BTL activities were conducted.
Results: after rebranding sales increased by 100% in total.