Abdysh - Ata

Рабочая группа

Working group:
Head of the Marketing Department - Eler Sadykahynov
Brand manager - Aleksandra Sviridova
PR manager - Sharsheeva Aliya


Problem: changes in market conditions led to wrong positioning of the product, as a result the level of consumer confidence in the brand fell. Consumers were less interested in the product, therefore the brand began to lose consumers to its competitors.
Objective: brand differentiation (focusing on the strengths of the product that make it unique), strengthening the brand and consumer confidence in it, increasing the target audience, “modernizing” product positioning.
Solution: updating design of the whole brand with the preservation of the Nashe ™ and focusing on the name “Shakhterskoe” (many consumers remember, know and love this brand).
Carrying out an extensive advertising campaign.
The advertising campaign was focused on the fact that our company had been working in the beer industry for many years and we could make a really good beer.
Results: after rebranding sales increased by 30% in total.