Forte Bank

Рабочая группа

CEO: Gani Zharkinbayev
Creative Director: Inna Plavskaya
Analyst: Shyngys Imangaliyev
Account Manager: Merey Ibrai
Client Service Director: Gulmira Danaeva
Copywriter: Alexander Tyulyaev

Deputy Chairman of the Board: Amyrkhan Chikanayev
Director of Marketing: Anton Kim
Senior Banker of Marketing: Marat Botin
Senior Banker of Marketing: Ainur Zhamanova

Sound Design: 26studio 
Composer: Evgeniy Rukavichnikov 


To create a new brand vision and to change perception of the brand Forte among the consumers. This will result in the brand differentiating itself from main competitors and it will establish the brand image in all country regions.
To achieve this goal, brand vision has to be changed from “Deputy bank” to a “Forte enhancement” - bank which empowers you.

Most people looking to the best version of themselves. They want to be stronger, more successful. Sometimes they underestimate their own strength. Our inner power is an endless resource. Every person receives his strength from different sources. It can be found in going through life difficulties, warm contact with loved ones or even losses.

To avoid a cliche scenario we have decided to use feelings and emotions which are common among Kazakhstan citizens.
Thus we have shown that everyone is strong enough to be a winner. Bank will give you support as a self-confidence and confidence in tomorrow.
Scenario is a mix of urban and countryside life stories which must include suspense and ethnic vibe.

- Bank application visits increased twice. Followers increased 10%. 8% growth of deposit Forte as a result of a month of PR campaign, which is 72% of yearly growth 2022-2023.
- 0 negative feedback from a reference group within the company (HR statement). 85% of the viewers have noticed that video is touching and brings warm feelings. It is a first campaign with such a feedback from the staff.
- More than 2,2M views of the video since campaign started (1,5 months ago)
- 9 out of 10 positive responses about quality video content.