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Рабочая группа

Vasilii Podtynnykov — Creative Director
Elizaveta Matveeva — Art Director
Kirill Kirillov — Art Director
Tatyana Kolotilova — Copywriter
Dmitry Polikanov — Producer
Yulia Nesteruk — Marketer
Ksenia Nozdran — Marketer
Nina Movsumova, Alexandra Malyuzhinets — Editors
Anton Makarov — Branding
Mitya Meshcheryakov — Head of Magic Camp


Traditional ornaments are an important part of the history and culture of Uzbekistan. But the memory of them is inevitably lost if there is nowhere to meet them in the modern world.

We chose ten memorable Uzbek patterns and applied them to cars by partners of the Yandex Go service. And the locations where you can see patterns in architecture and interior were collected in a special online guide.

Get acquainted with some Uzbek patterns along with Yandex Go — we will tell you what meanings are embedded in these images.