The Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Agency: Red Point Kazakhstan
General Manager and CEO: Assel Kozhakova
Deputy General Manager: Almira Makash
Project Mananger: Aliya Beibit
Digital Manager: Aigerim Zhumabayeva
Designer: Aigerim Bekenova
Client: The Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan


2019 is declared the year of youth in Kazakhstan. Our client-the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan has developed a project to stimulate the development of entrepreneurship among rural youth: the Republican summer camp "ZEREN-2019". The project is planned to be annual and the outcomes of the first year will influence its future. The theme of the camp was formed according to four various directions: the development of civil society, business development, green economy, the creative economy, and new media.

There were three seasons:
Season 1: 03.07.19 – 11.07.2019;
Season 2: 13.07.19 – 21.07.2019;
Season 3:23.07.19 – 31.07.2019.

Initially, the project was designed for the participation of 600 young people from different regions of Kazakhstan and CIS countries. However, due to the successful promotion of the camp, more than 4,000 applications, not only from Kazakhstan but also from China, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan were received. The camp was awarded the title of being international.

The agency provided full range of communication and design services for the project, such as positioning, development of key messages, development and design of logo and corporate style, overall design of the camp, development and realization of promotion strategy, communication with all stakeholders, management and promotion of social media networks, development of video diaries on camp’s official YouTube channel, interviews with leading speakers of the camp, as well as overall media coverage and promotion of the camp.

With a limited budget on advertising and promotion, we were able to involve and attract a greater number of participants and achieve better results than the client expected.
Promotion and advertising were organized only via social media networks and with the use of search, and contextual advertising in Google and Yandex. Moreover, the agency encouraged to support and promote the project the leading businesspersons, bloggers and speakers from various industries such as sports, music, entrepreneurship, civic engagement and leadership.

Agency goals and objectives:
• Creation of awareness about the project for all stakeholders-participants, media, partners, state.
• Development and design of the logo and corporate identity
• The overall design of the camp
• Development of the website and management of social media accounts (Instagram, Vkontakte, YouTube, Facebook)
• Presentation of the camp to its target audience (youth)
• Informing the public about the camp and assistance in the application process
• Managing the filming process of "Diary of camp ZEREN-2019" on YouTube channel
• Attracting the attention of the public and its stakeholders to the camp
• Interviews with camp speakers and mentors
• Working with bloggers and opinion leaders
• Work with media, including press tours and special reports

Stages of realization of the project:

1. Preparatory stage
May 2019:
• Development of promotion strategy
• Development of ideology and key messages,
• Development of a logo and corporate style,
• Design of handouts and overall design of the camp,
• Development of the official web-site www.zerencamp.kz,
• Development of promotional video on Kazakh and Russian languages.
June 2019:
• Promotion of the camp (digital marketing and promotion via social media networks)
• Application process
• Work with media, bloggers, the involvement of opinion leaders
• Work with local executive bodies.

2. Active period
July 2019:
• Coverage of the work camp
• social media marketing, maintaining accounts,
• the involvement of the participants in the communication,
• the constant illumination of work camps,
• creating camp diaries,
• press tours,
• working with stakeholders and mentors program.

3. Implementation
The agency started the project by the development of the logo and the corporate identity. Then the official web site of the camp, handouts, sponsorship packages, content plan, promotional video, and visual materials, as well as the overall design of the camp, were developed.
Next announcement publications in leading Kazakhstani mass media, a contextual and media advertising in Google and Yandex were launched. Taking into consideration that the target audience of the project is youngsters who are active users of social networks, official pages of the camp were created:
Instagram— https://www.instagram.com/zerencamp_kz/
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/zerencamp/
Vkontakte— https://vk.com/zerencamp
The agency carried an active work in the social media networks including the involvement of bloggers and opinion leaders. Furthermore, in order to maintain the interest of the public in the project, press tours for journalists and media representatives of both national and regional media were regularly held.
In addition, the agency was involved in the work with the local Executive bodies.

For the current project, Red Point Kazakhstan managed to achieve the following results:
1. 465 525 people were engaged in the publications of attracted bloggers and opinion leaders.
2. 45 publications in the main public groups of major social media networks targeted
3. 233 publications in the media, including 8 positive, 2 negative, 223 neutral.
4. 16 616 views of the commercial on the YouTube channel.
5. More than 230 thousand impressions per week of contextual and media advertising in search networks.
6. About 1,000,000 people were engaged by advertising on social networks.
7. More than 22,000 visits to the site at the end of the second season.
8. More than 4000 applications received.
There were three press-tours for regional and Republican mass media. The social significance of the project and the great impact of provided training were noted by the participants.
Moreover high rank government officials – Minister of information and public development of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, Vice-Minister of education and science Fatima Jakypova and top Kazakh businessmen: Maksut Zhumayev, Alikhan Baimenov, Timur Khudaibergenov, Dos Koshim, Karin Erlan, Mayra Mukhamedkyzy and Yerkin Tatishev were among those who gave speech and provided trainings for the participants of the camp. Major Kazakh businesspersons were in the jury, who selected the great projects and start-ups that were developed by the participants of ZEREN-2019". Additionally, by their own initiative, the jury of each season of the camp allocated additional financial grants for the best business projects of the participants.