Рабочая группа

Creative Director — Shaha Saliyev
Art-Director — Victoria Sharafutdinova
Account Manager — Tatyana Sitnikova
Animation — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev
Directors: Damir Mubinov, Timur Amanshikov, Mirzo Begibayev


The mobile app Payme has 9 million users. That's 9 million transactions, 9 million people, and therefore, 9 million stories, events, and life decisions.

These stories, grounded in real events where our product played a part, are the best advertisement for our app. That's why we decided to gather a vast collection of people's tales to serve as the foundation for our ad campaign.

From thousands of responses, we selected the most astonishing ones and turned them into a series of short films made by various directors. One story was about a girl whose life was saved by a stranger who bought her medicine from a nearby pharmacy using Payme. Another was about a doctor who fully paid for the treatment of a girl he didn't know. We aired these films on national TV as native content, placed them on the country's top streaming platforms, and spread them through social media influencers.

After our three-month campaign, we reached 7,478,500 people across the country and increased our user base by 19%.