Can't pet a dog? Pet a kangaroo!

Can't pet a dog? Pet a kangaroo!


Ferrero Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Client: Ferrero Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
Kinder Brand Manager (Kazakhstan & CEA & CAU): Karina Murtazaliyeva

Agency: GForce (Kazakhstan)
Managing Director: Yuliya Tushina
Executive Creative Director: Yevgeniy Kostylev
Creative Group Head: Renata Muratova
Art Director: Diana Korchevskaya
Copywriter: Adelya Yermakova
Designer: Aigerim Tursunova
Account Manager: Veronika Fedossova 
Client Service Director: Anna Kostyleva


We all know how challenging it is to convince parents to get a cat or a dog. But what if getting an Australian kangaroo or an African lion could actually be easy? 

To promote Applaydu mobile app and a Kinder Surprise Natoons collection in a non-standard way

The Applaydu app brings Kinder Surprise Natoons exotic animal toys to life, and children can play with them, feed them and learn about their habits. 

The campaign started with a teaser: we put containers for transporting wild animals in the city, from where people could hear animal sounds. During the reveal, the containers were opened, and we put up big billboards behind them. They featured wild animals from the Natoons collection in the interiors of real apartments.

People could also bring animals home from the zoo. This was possible because we discovered one more unusual media channel — empty cages! Signs on these cages encouraged visitors to find animals that they could not see in the cages using the Applaydu app. 

Now with Kinder Surprise Natoons and the Applaydu app, kids can bring home exotic animals from all over the world and parents will not mind! 

The campaign included: non-standard outdoor placements on the streets and at the zoo. Campaign was also supported on Kinder social media and it was featured on public pages on Instagram.