Forte Bank

Рабочая группа

Executive Director: Yekaterina Belyashina
Creative Director: Azatkhan Uxikbayev
Creative Group Head: Kristina Lazareva
Сopywriter: Yekaterina Padyukova
Copywriter: Timofey Pozdeev
Designer: Valeriya Grishkina
Designer: Edward Bushuev
Account Director: Anastasia Nekrasovа
Account Manager: Zulfiya Dzhaparova

Deputy Chairman of the Board: Amyrkhan Chikanayev
Director of Marketing: Anton Kim
Senior Banker of Marketing: Marat Botin


Forte - Kazakhstani bank with creative bravery in DNA, launches an annual draw of 1,000,000 tenge for taken loan. But the media field of the country is overflowed with ads of cash promos with a bunch of zeros which are hard to remember.
Objectives & goals:
To raise awareness of the promo.
To increase & stimulate sales of loans.

Solution & Execution
In order to break the clutter, we replaced “1,000,000” in communication with a truly local slang word “Lyam” and made a viral stunt out of it.
Forte bank released a provocative news article written with only one word and took over the air in social networks with a series of absurd OLV commercials starring local film actors using only one word. Scenes from the video series appeared on the city streets.

Local macro and micro bloggers massively reacted to the stunt in their social media content, and several local pages even opposed the “strange” Forte ad by publishing articles with the ad.
As a result, the campaign gained more than 3,000 interactions in social networks. More than 5,000,000 people saw Forte commercials and over 100,000 loans were issued in the bank during the campaign period. Due to the campaign, Forte bank reserved the word “Lyam” for the brand and continues to use it in further communication of cash draws.