Рабочая группа

Brand producer – Yrysty Yerden
Art Director – Adil Ashenov
Communications Strategist – Maria Seilova
UX/UI designer – Yerlan Sandybayev


​​Briefly about the project:
The KazAeroSpace team, in parallel with other mapping projects, digitized the cemeteries of Astana. This is how the idea for a new digital product was born: registration and search of graves.

Problem and solution:
Our team needed to come up with an ethical design, but the problem of context was that any design was more likely to harm the project and violate boundaries than to help and convey value. And clear and simple texts did not intentionally become selling texts, which was exactly what needed to be avoided. Through semantic analysis of the market, we see that the topic of death is extremely taboo, so it is not at all clear what kind of storytelling would be appropriate at all.

We immersed ourselves in the project through interviewing funeral homes and special service agencies, because going to people who were bereaved would be (again) unethical. We learned that there is little information about funerals, the attitude towards employees in this industry is critical, and much, much other information. But the most important thing: it turns out that communication on organizing a funeral always happens with someone older who has more experience in this. We latched on to this idea and gained confidence that we should become another older comrade who would simply be there and help us be less vulnerable in a very vulnerable moment.

Hence the nature of the brand, it is more reminiscent of a dialogue with an (older) experienced and wise friend who KNOWS and WILL NOT ATTEND MEANING TO FORMULATIONS - only to the meaning.
Therefore, the land is an eternal attribute of the memory of different peoples without reference to nationality, religions and customs. The design and text organically continued the idea of ​​relying on one's neighbor, where dialogue and understanding are more important than form.

Given the nature of the special project “What to do when?” additionally with other portal services has become so obvious that not doing it would be a mistake.

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