Рабочая группа

Chief marketing officer of Kazakstan Department – Iuliana Matiash
Chief marketing officer – Olesya Kushenkova
External Communications Marketer – Xeniya Bekker
Internal Communications Marketer – Rada Atakishiyeva
Digital marketer – Aldiya Boranbay
Videographer – Ruslan Tumanbekov



New Year is the main holiday for confectioners. During this period, all companies fight for customers. In turn, Kulikov decided to make a knight's move- arranging a "gift of incredible generosity" in the form of 22% cash back on ALL products to ALL customers in the KULIKOV mobile application.

The team had only 2 days to prepare, 2 purple cars, 2 balloons and a crazy desire to make great coverage with a budget of only $1000. Having created an intrigue in the city with the help of two bright purple cars, it was possible to viralize in the social media space and make a reach of 1.000.000 with the help of videos and stories, where bloggers, publishers, Influencers and just customers discussed purple cars with 22 balloons, announcing 22% cashback in KULIKOV stores.


Increase the customer traffic to KULIKOV stores with the help of coverage in social media space, non-standard announcement of a 22% cash back.


For only 1000$
We got:
Reach in social media space - 1.000.000
The campaign was used by 60.398 people
22.651 of them were brand new customers
Inflow of new customers with the app +42%
Increase in revenue +17%
The number of purchases with the app increased by +21%
Average check with the app increased by +8%