Рабочая группа

Rustamov Maqsud - CMO JSCB "Agrobank"
Soibjonov Otabek - Brand manager
Dragunov Ruslan - Art director
Sutbekov Mikhail - Head of design


The lack of modern and up-to-date manuals for local farmers in the field of agriculture has become a serious problem in Uzbekistan. Due to the unavailability of convenient resources in Uzbek, farmers continue to rely on outdated methods, hindering the adoption of advanced technologies and impeding the progress and development of agriculture.

As part of the measures aimed at addressing this problem, Agrobank launched the Agrobooks project, which is funded from its own resources.
Within the scope of the project:
- Methodical manuals were developed for horticulture, animal husbandry, farming, and other branches of agriculture, taking into account the specific climatic conditions of Uzbekistan;
- To ensure the successful implementation of the project, Agrobank collaborated with 7 scientific organizations and involved over 50 professors and teachers of agriculture;
- Additionally, the manuals were distributed free of charge to landowners, farm workers, and new farmers.

As a result of the conducted work, 100 sets of training manuals covering ten areas of agriculture, 40 sets of methodical manuals focused on plant protection, and a set of methodical manuals on 64 grape varieties titled "Viticulture" were published. To date, over 21,000 copies of these manuals have been printed and distributed to farmers.
Additionally, the manuals have been downloaded 14,500 times through the open-source Telegram bot and 108,500 times through the website.

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