РГКП «Государственный академический театр Танца РК»

Рабочая группа

Aitys Advertising

Creative director- Timur Bekirov
Art director- Artem Popov
Art director- Ekaterina Zakiyeva
Head designer -Aruzhan Taubaldieva
Designer- Aizhan Shagansariyeva
3d-motion designer- Temirlan Bayanov
Copywriter- Assiya Shaikenova
Sound director- Zhandarbek Bakirov
Account- Margarita Sabadosh

All of the Ayukhanov ballet theatre team members


The Bulat Ayukhanov Dance Theater was founded in 1967. But despite its rich history and impressive repertoire since its foundation, the dance theater has been without a unique brand identity distinguishing it from other theaters.

To craft a new logo and establish a cohesive brand identity for the theater.

Inspired by the rehearsals and performances, we envisioned a theater identity that resonates with the very essence of dance. Eschewing straight lines, we embraced flowing brush strokes that mirror the dancers' graceful motions. The logo captures a ballerina's silhouette, represented as the letter "A" - a nod to the theater's founder, Bulat Ayukhanov. We handcrafted the brand patterns using ink and captured them in high definition. This suite of patterns and lines is versatile, ready to be adapted to various platforms and digital assets.

Link for video: https://youtu.be/oAXYym58G_U?si=E-WAS0ux57msi5C9

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