Freedom Holding Corp.

Рабочая группа

Chief Commercial Officer: Yevgeniy Tyan
Account Director: Azazel Amirdinova
Art Director: Dmitriy Kiyko
Creative Copywriter: Uliya Kusherbayeva
Project Manager: Rustam Ashykbayev
Account Manager: Alina Svigarite


Freedom Holding Corp. rebranded: it changed its visual style, removed the word "Finance" from its company names, and united its projects under the single digital ecosystem. Our task was to vividly present the new image of Freedom in outdoor advertising and explain to the audience in a creative way: Freedom is one brand with a thousand opportunities.

Freedom Holding Ecosystem is a financial upgrade that will make city life smarter, faster, and more convenient. Quite like upgrading the operating system on your phone. In our special project we imagined the city as a big gadget and invited residents to download the Freedom Ecosystem in order to update city life to an advanced version.

The campaign was divided into 3 phases:

Teaser. We placed digital puzzles around the city and kept people guessing, "What's going on?" Outdoor screens aired clips telling that a new yet unknown ecosystem was being uploaded to the city and a countdown to its installation was underway. Behind the "frosted glass" on the screen were moving silhouettes of animals and the outlines of objects symbolizing the areas of work of Freedom Holding Corp.

Pre-reveal. 24 hours before the countdown ends, we changed the creatives on the screens. We revealed that specific new products were being uploaded to the city: insurance, banking and others, but still didn't name the Freedom brand. The loading scale appeared on the screen, which gradually turned green and symbolized the final stage of the ecosystem installation.

Reveal. The countdown ended - and a series of 3D clips revealing the companies of the Freedom holding were launched on the main 3D screen of Almaty, while the other city screens simultaneously broadcasted clips in support of the campaign. Freedom content took over the city in an instant. The ecosystem successfully installed.

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