Music and Coca-Cola – two passions, one power.


The Coca-Cola Company

Рабочая группа

Artur Babayev – Director
Jahangir Jafarov – CEO
Aygun Alimamedova – Media Director
Irana Hajiyeva - Digital Director
Samira Ahmadova - Account Manager
Nargiz Babazade - Graphic Designer
Narmin Alxasova - SL&E manager


The main goal of activation was to create a special moment within the circle of interest of the audience. We wanted to speak in the language of the consumer and be in moments/places that take into account their enjoyment in order to ensure direct interaction and provide a drill-in-mind effect.
Enjoy the enchanting power of music and enjoy your favorite pieces with your favorite drink. Listen, dance, have fun, and drink Coca-Cola!
Drill-in-mind effect with Coca-Cola in the moment of having fun and enjoying music. Creation of a special bond between doing your favorite thing and drinking Coca-Cola. Make sure that the audience stays with the idea that whatever you like, you can sprinkle with the taste of Coca-Cola and enjoy it even more.
To build a strong connection between music and Coca-Cola we introduced a series of announcements on Khazar TV, Radio, and Khazar media center’s official social media pages. Moreover, strong communication was built through the influencers’ active support on social media - weekly sharing and posting contributed to the wide coverage of the project. Talking through ‘familiar faces’ helped us attract the participants and create a unique moment. Through this collaboration which included the active involvement of musicians, influencers and public figures, the campaign covered a wide range of the audience. Additional visualization of the concert through placement in outdoor advertising, as well as thoughtful support at the location of the final gala concert on Baku Boulevard through special CLP formats, created a drill-in-mind effect.

4 Cities, 4 Concert
Impression – 352K
Reach – 234K
Participants – 45K

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