Let's go on vacation!



Рабочая группа

General Director: Yuri Kuznetsov
Creative Director: Natalia Kuznetsova
Director: Efim Bakaev
Director of photography: Oleg Kolsky
Set Designer: Alexandra Smirnova
Costume designer: Yuliana Inyusheva
Editing director: Denis Lukanin
Announcer: Mikhail Sushkov
Photo artist: Ivan Knyazev
General Producer: Anna Kiseleva
Executive Producer: Darya Bilan


When foreign services closed access to the Russian market, took on the responsibility of helping tourists find accommodation and become top of mind in the booking market. We prepared a campaign for the brand, relying on an unexpected plot and visual grotesque language.

We believe that humor and absurdity in the face of informational noise is a good way to convey ideas without being boring. We took the catchphrase “to lather up somewhere” as a basis, and the creative concept of the video tells the story of a family who went on vacation with their mother-in-law – based on this idea, the director shot an advertisement in a grotesque style with references to Scandinavian humor.

The rental service has become an absurd comedy. The director's idea is supported by an expressive grotesque element — foam. The comedic effect is enhanced by the lack of music, and long silent shots create a feeling of awkwardness. But at the end — a mischievous and recognizable jingle.

There are many details in advertising that are difficult to see at first glance. For example, in the photo on the wall, a boy is holding a frame with an upside down dog in his hands. There are also Easter eggs sewn into the video: a photo with the protagonists in the same pink suits, standing against the backdrop of birches and looking sternly into the camera; a terrarium with the visual pattern: on its wall there is a photo of a birch grove, and the chameleon itself is painted in the color of a tree.

The advertising campaign with this video was carried out from April 15 to June 26.

The growth of organic traffic for the period was 62% for branded traffic, 75% for non-branded traffic. This is compared to the previous period. Compared to last year, 23% for branded traffic and 78% for non-branded traffic. Searches for the brand are up 27% year-over-year (compared to June).