Everything will disappear: Identity for Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair


Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair

Рабочая группа

CEO: Vitaly Bykov
Art director: Svyat Vishnyakov
Designers: Maria Dyakonova, Dmitry Yakushin, Anton Zazersky
Account Director: Alexandra Boettcher


Cosmoscow is a platform to showcase the works of contemporary artists. Each year, the Fair selects an artist whose works become the cornerstone of the design for the upcoming season. The chosen artist for 2023 is Artem Filatov.

We took his work "Everything Will Disappear", which was created using green paint. Every time the folder containing the graphic sheet is opened and the image is exposed to light, the artwork fades — shortening its lifespan with each viewing.

We posed a paradoxical question: Is art eternal or is it transient?

We employed techniques like gradient 3D blur projection and color noise, which mesh with the typography to create an effect of blurred boundaries. The varied color palette and diverse combinations of elements allow for the creation of unique compositions in the visual media for the art fair.

Our finalized identity serves as a superposition that blends the artist's perspective, a functional approach, and the overall design of the exhibition space.

This new corporate identity defines Cosmoscow's online presence in social media platforms, this identity also shapes the physical appearance of the fair through architectural design details, merchandise, and city-wide advertising.

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