Рабочая группа

Product Lead: Almaz Shadyrkulov
Creative Director: Magamet Khazhaliev
Head of Marketing: Elena Ogbonna
Art Director: Dmitriy Kiyko
Creative Producer: Uliya Kusherbayeva
Creative Copywriter: Maryam Ziaie
Marketing Manager: Azhar Kulyassova
SMM Manager: Nurym Auezkhan


Citix is a pioneering technology company hailing from Kazakhstan that creates global integration solutions at the edge of SmartCity and AdTech. Citix has launched a new product, a pedestrian street gadget, Jerry. Jerry had absolutely new functions such as an emergency button and security cameras, free wi-fi, advanced navigation system, wireless charging, etc.

Since the product is new, it was important to launch the product and make people start using it. In addition, we wanted to involve citizens in the development of the product and make the content suitable for the audience and easy to use, to give them the opportunity to touch the creation of a product designed for them.

Citix Lab is a public laboratory for testing the functionality of the new Jerry product. We prepared the laboratory where every citizen could try using the new product, give feedback about function and UI/UX design and give ideas of what they would love to see in the product next.

A cube-shaped installation was installed near the smartboard, where 2 promoters worked daily. They explained the functionality of the smartboard on the Figma platform on the LCD screen, asking a question on each type. Each citizen became a part of new world product development.


Passage rate - on average 120 people per day; 1,780 people in total interacted. Total coverage in social media of 3,144,651 people, 108,758 social network engagements, and 361 completed questionnaires with feedback and bright ideas.

Thus, Jerry became the first outdoor IT product that was tested openly by the target audience. Now the content is being finalized based on the feedback received.