Testo by Zamira&Co

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Zamira Rakhmanova
Brand manager: Shokhista Abdullaeva


In Uzbekistan, sex and everything related to it is still a taboo topic. It's not customary to talk about "it" in schools, families, or society. The conservative part of society condemns anything that could hint at sex.

A blogger was jailed for 5 days for a post on Instagram.
A singer lost her license for wearing tight pants.
Schoolgirls were fined for dancing.
A bride was criticized for dancing at her own wedding.
Girls who danced in a water park were forced to get tested for HIV/AIDS.
An underwear brand was forced to remove an advertisement featuring a model in lingerie.

The dumpling house "Testo" is famous for its fresh products. To keep them fresh, they are made in a workshop. The word for workshop in Uzbek is 'sex'.

There is no sex in Uzbekistan.
But there are workshops.
Sausage workshop
Bakery workshop
Sewing workshop
Lots of workshops

To give people the opportunity to safely talk about sex, the brand decided to make their 'sex,' which means workshop, fashionable. Thus, the dumpling workshop (chuchvara sexi) became the main symbol of the brand.

The 'Sexi' merchandise from the brand managed to attract attention and spark discussion.

"Sex" sells.
People discuss the "sex".
The conservative society has no complaints.