Рабочая группа

Strategist — Farkhod Norboev
Creative Director — Shaha Saliyev
Art-Director — Stanislav Babich
Account Manager — Tatyana Sitnikova
3D & Motion Designer — Andrey Kornienko
Copywriter — Said Nazrillayev


Did you grab SAVR?

SAVR are salty meat snacks, which aren't just a new brand for Uzbeks, but a new snack category in a country where snacking mainly means seeds, kurt, and chips.

Yes, the intended use for SAVR seems clear - meat snacks for beer. But not in Uzbekistan, where alcohol consumption is decreasing, especially among the young folks. But what's increasing is the demand for Uzbek-language content, in a society where almost everyone thinks and speaks only in Uzbek.

This is where we saw a potential niche for SAVR - "These are the meaty sticks that go well while watching a movie, a TV series, or a vlog."
But there's a small problem - in Uzbekistan, much of the local content stopped progressing decades ago due to excessive censorship. Today, almost every local movie, series or music video is derivative and bland.

Therefore, SAVR, being a snack for viewing awesome content, must support, promote, and be associated with high-quality Uzbek-language content.

We collaborated with the best representatives of the new generation of Uzbek content creators: the educational channel SUBYEKTIV and the popular rapper highlighting social issues, KONSTA.

In collaboration with SUBYEKTIV, we released a feature documentary called "Mass Dumbing Down", criticizing modern Uzbek media. It garnered over six hundred thousand views on YouTube in one day but was removed due to strikes by the local media industry.

With rapper KONSTA, we produced the track "Jonga Tegdi" (Fed Up), addressing the downsides of bland Uzbek content, and it topped the Uzbek charts. We then shot a music video based on the song.

Alongside the content, we launched ad pre-rolls on streaming platforms, placed advertisements before movies in theaters, integrated into the content of other reputable bloggers, and rolled out outdoor advertising across the city, reminding everyone: "Did you get SAVR before watching?"

The campaign is in full swing, final results are still shaping up, but we're confident that SAVR will continue supporting quality Uzbek-language content.
You can check out the current stats by visiting the channels of SUBYEKTIV and KONSTA.

Original music video by KONSTA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC6dIjIWZXw